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JavaScript is a lightweight and delicate programming language running in the browser, which is very easy to learn, Javascript has the ability to dynamically control on HTML and CSS, and also is a very powerful script for web pages, and also found in the community at the large scale of JavaScript.


I’m also a developer, I really understand and found lots of people want to make carrier learn with JavaScript, and definitely I will tell you all, who's want to make carrier in this technology and earn, you can’t imagine, It is very easy to use for students, want to make become a developer and anyone wants to interest on it, they can make attractive web pages using JavaScript programs.


Its is also called ECMAScript and JavaScript is one of the editions of itself, which is Implemented by ECMA international. JavaScript provides many more features, few of the listing below for learning. 


  • JavaScript is Object-Based Scripting language

  • JavaScript provides full supports on Web Pages, you also can say it is a Client-Side scripting language.

  • JavaScript provides Input Validation.

  • JavaScript provides In Build Function to perform.

  • JavaScript provides Case Sensitive format.

  • JavaScript provides If Else Statements.

  • JavaScript provides a Primitive Data Type. Ex. String, Undefined, Null, Number, Boolean.


Any many more, you can’t imagine, we can't explore on a single page. Also want to clear before proceeding further, the difference between java and JavaScript both are different from each other, want to know more about, click on the link, and read more on that as well.

Example :

    var button = document.createElement("button");
    button.innerHTML = "Click on Gomehere";



  1. Definition of javascript.
  2. What is javascript used for?
  3. What javascript can do?
  4. Try to understand by example.

  • Definition of javascript:- Javascript is the programming language that has the ability to create dynamic content, media control, animation, page control, and pretty much everything in the web page.

    Javascript engine


  • What is javascript used for:- What is javascript used for?  I guess! every beginner would wonder about what and why required javascript, could we continue without javascript, let's find an answer javascript in gomehere!.

    The answer is: - No.

    Whether you are a web developer and want to work then must know why javascript required in our programming life. Let's continue why Javascript required. Javascript is a scripting language, and supportability to dynamic control on HTML and CSS, Object-Centered Script Language, Client edge Technology, Validation of User's Input, Ability to perform In Built Function, Case Sensitive format, Interpreter Centered, Else and If Statement, Statements Looping, Handling Events and many more feature.

    HTML and CSS have no ability to control dynamic control. The only javascript can do to provide dynamic control to any website or web page. We will cover with example going forward in 4th point.

    Let's give you a few more areas where javaScript blasting we can't imagine.

    Example:  Mobile application development, Web Application development, Game development, IoT, and many more areas involved javaScript.


  • What javascript can do:- Whether learn javascript in gomehere, let's remember! we cover a bit in the above point that what javascript can do?
    Lets me explain If you have little knowledge about HTML and CSS, Where you create a file, writes HTML document with tags similar to CSS but Yes! The absolute extension would be different, Now the question is  Why incorporated?

    Because javascript can do both by itself, It has the ability to create and modify HTML tags and CSS, Both works can do by itself, But HTML and CSS have no ability to create javascript code.

  • Try to understand by example. I'm going to explain the example using by below image, you can see below explained, how javascript working with HTML and CSS both, means full control to create, modify CSS and HTML.


    What Javascript can do


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