Typeof in Javascript



The JavaScript typeof is an operator to recognize the type of its operator and returns the value as a string format


The Operand could be any Variable, Object, and Function, its mostly like use to know what type of data type action performing by the operand.


Let's explain with the example to deeply understand where, how, and when to use it.


Example 1:  How to use typeof in JavaScript.

console.log(typeof 'gomehere');


And now what you are expecting in Answer, what its returns, let see in below in the output section.




So, now the question is? why its returns string? Hope! you know how it happened, because of type of always returns string form of the operand data type.

Let's take more typeof examples to understand.


Example 2 :

console.log(typeof90 ==='number');
console.log(typeof2.16 ==='number');
console.log(typeof(69) ==='number');   

In the above, we have taken three types of pattern and comparing with the number and let's see what happen in the output section.




Yeah!! finally, We got true in all patterns because of javascript typeof returns numbers, Thus returns true for all.




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