Difference Between ES5 and ES6

Difference Between ES5 and ES6



Before we start distinguishing between ES5 and ES6, we have to understand what ES5 and ES6 are, both are trademarks of ECMAScript as defined by ECMA International, ECMA has done many versions but JavaScript is popular among them.

ECMAScript used for the client-side scripting language for WWW(World wide web), And nowadays JavaScript is very popular for web and mobile applications as well.


So, Let's understand ES5 and ES6 separately, After that, I will explain to you what major difference in both of them.


ES5: ES5 also known as ECMAScript 5, which is implemented by ECMA  in 2009 with updated features, It also called 5Th edition of ECMAScript, Even Nowadays most of the browsers support ES5.

ES6: ES6 also is known as ECMAScript, which is implemented by ECMA in 2015 which new updated feature, It also called the 6th edition of ECMAScript, ES6 supports the modern browser but we required some compiler to run it.


So, we understand the above section what is ES5 and ES6, hope! You are aware of them.
And now, I told you, we further will explain to you the difference between ES5 and ES6 and time has come now, let's start the main topic of the difference between ES6 and ES5.


What is difference ES5 and ES6

ES5 released in 2009 by ECMA International ES6 released in 2015 by ECMA International
ES5 is 5th edition of ECMAScript ES6 is 6th edition of ECMAScript
ES5 is an older edition of ECMAScript ES6 is a Newer edition of ECMAScript
ES5 is time-consuming then ES6 ES6 is faster then ES5
ES5 supports the long syntax of code ES6 supports the small syntax of code
ES5 Supports older feature ES6 Supports new feature
Ex.: Var Ex. let, const

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